Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reframe Shame Message Goes "On The Air"

The speed of Social Media has come whizzing by my door so I'm using another post to interrupt my story and tell you about an upcoming event.

I will be on with conservative radio talk show host Dom Giordano, Friday October 14, 2011 at 9:05am (central). 

How did this come about?  Yesterday I received a message from a friend who was furious about photo (see right) she saw going viral on Facebook.  In a nutshell, this is one of many examples from a group calling themselves "The other 53%," a backlash group responding to the recent Occupy Wall Street protesters, who refer to themselves as "The 99%."

Dom posted this on his Facebook page with the comment on "This is the youth we can believe in."

Reading this and other examples from this "53%" group began to make me think about my message of Reframe Shame®.  There are many letters similar to this one calling fellow Americans names like "Lazy" and a "mooch" among others. 

I decided to write my own message and share it with Dom on his Twitter account.  His producer says he liked what I had to say and wants me on the show.  However, after listening to his show today on the topic, I'm a little skeptical about how much he truly "liked" it.  It'll be an interesting discussion.

The font is a little difficult to read, so I will reprint it below:

"I am 34 yrs old & played by the rules all my life. I have worked since the age of 14. I come from a lower-middle class family, obtained a Master’s degree, lived abroad, owned my own MODEST condo, had a $72,000/yr salary, paid my bills on time, had very low credit card debt, a decent savings account and PERFECT credit in the 800s!

Thanks to the FAT CATS on wall street who played casino with the economy and our LAZY, GREEDY politicians, our economy tanked.  I spent 22 months unemployed, blew thru my savings to pay the mortgage.  After that was gone, I had to let it go into foreclosure and eventually file for bankruptcy on it (not CC debt).  My credit is now screwed.  After 22 months, I landed a great job, but due to the continued lousy economy & poor financial management of the greedy heads of the organization, I lost my job again after only 6 short months there.

STOP telling us to quit whining!  Stop telling us we’re lazy!  Stop telling us we should take a minimum wage job!  That’s not why we went to college.  We were told college was our ticket to success & stability.  Instead of calling us names & criticizing us, why not put your patriotism to use & reach out your hand to your fellow American?  Attend a networking event in your area & bring your company’s list of current openings; help someone get an “in” in your company. How about joining JobAngels or another online network to help the unemployed?

Do you really think I (and others) enjoy the $18,000/yr unemployment benefits over my previous $72,000 salary?  Get real!

If you don’t think you’re part of the 99% today, watch out!  You could become one at any moment. Pink slips continue to go out everyday.  YOU could be next!"

Tune in....

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