Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Newt: Less Talk, More Action, Please!

Newt Gingrich recently affirmed that he would continue to fight to get people back to work.  At a recent debate in South Carolina, he even stated that he was going to help people "get a job, to get a better job and learn someday to own the job!"  That sounds amazing!  What a promise!  Unfortunately, much of the promise is typically preceded by contempt for the unemployed.  In fact, he sounded only slightly less contemptuous than the last time, which prompted my previous challenge to him.

Newt should know better than everyone that 80% of jobs are not found on the internet or newspaper ads; they are found by networking.  The old adage about "It's all about who you know" is repeated over and over in job search articles, by career coaches and anyone giving advice to the unemployed on the internet. 

So, I once again challenge Newt to put his words into action.  What, specifically, is Newt going to do to get people back to work? 

I'm sure Newt has been shaking a lot of hands while on the trail.  Has he done anything else to take it to the next level?  Does he actually LISTEN to any of those with whom he shakes hands?  Has he connected an unemployed supporter with an employed friend?  Recent data shows that there are many companies out there not able to fill positions.  Newt certainly has friends in hiring positions or business owners that could help the unemployed. 

The bottom line is that he won't.  And his rhetoric is great for applause, but fails to recognize simple math and facts. 

Fact #1:  There are more unemployed people than there are open positions.  If there are 8 million people unemployed and only 200,000 jobs were created last quarter, that means 7.8 million people would NOT find a job.  It's like having 5 pairs of shoes  for 10 people; 5 people will NOT be wearing shoes. 

Fact #2:  This is not an Obama problem, this is a business community problem.  The Republicans are complaining that taxes are too high and therefore there is no money to hire.  First, that's not true because the Dow is now about 12,000, higher than ever under Bush 2.  Businesses are reported to have a LOT of cash-on-hand. 

Second, the tax rates in place were fought for under Bush as a way to improve the tax structure for businesses.  Obama has kept those rates in place.  How, now, is that not good enough to hire people?  They were good enough rates under Bush, but no longer any good under Obama?  Sounds like politiking to me.  It appears the business community is PURPOSEFULLY holding back on hiring in an effort to smear the Democrats and the Obama administration.

Newt, if you're genuine and serious about getting people back to work, then start showing it.  Maybe you will garner more votes by showing the voters your hands-on approach to helping the unemployed land suitable jobs.  If you're not genuine, I'll just keep calling you out on it.

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